We Deliver on-time, Every time!
All of our alterations are completed in-house, which allows us to keep track of the quality of our work and deliver on time, every time. Call us today!

A Good Fit Makes All The Difference

We’re proud to have a full-time seamstress on staff who can handle all kinds of alterations. When something doesn’t fit, everything feels off. But the right adjustments by an expert can make it feel tailor-made.

Don’t Replace – Repair!

With some alterations, we might be able to help you get several more years out of a piece you really love. Things like a broken zipper or button can be replaced. And saving money by not having to buy new items fits everyone’s budget.


More Than Clothing

Most people hear the word “alterations” and think it’s just changing how clothes fit, but our experienced seamstress has the skills to adjust more than clothes. Maybe you aren’t sure how to repair leather or a piece of furniture – we know how and can help you save the piece (and money).


Keep It In The Family

Sometimes a piece of clothing or furniture has been passed down through a few generations and is in danger of being lost due to damage or normal wear and tear. Instead of giving up those memories, contact us and speak with our skilled seamstress. There might be a way to keep that piece of family history alive.

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